Here in Southern Spain, we were not permitted to walk during the restrictions. As soon as lockdown eased, we headed for the river in the Genal Valley. As a family we have spent a lot of time wandering the river banks and swimming in the river pools.

In October 2018, there was a terrible flash flood which changed the landscape and left the river banks in a state of shock. But this spring has been slow and long with lots of intermittent rain – perfect for the renewal of animal, insect and plant life. And sure enough, by May the place had burst into life. Here, I can listen to the river, the birds and frogs, look for pebbles, relish the wild flowers and feel the mud between my toes.

The restrictions made me realise how much I love this sense of immersion within the ‘silence’ or rather the sounds of the river and the way this takes away all other thoughts.