I work from home, which means a lot of reading, researching and writing. So when the lockdown came I have to confess that very little changed in my day to day life. My husband frequently works from home so no disruptions there. We have a large, well established town garden so I have found extra comfort in gardening.

My sanctuary has been the small seating area just outside the study. My books and laptop are close at hand and I am surrounded by the scent of many beautiful roses. With many people staying at home, a commuter hush has descended over our neighbourhood and the sounds of lockdown life and nature going about its business has become amplified.

My little corner is far from a silent space but I find that these sounds that filter through my thinking are oddly very reassuring. During lockdown I came to realise how incredibly fortunate we are to have access to an outdoor space denied to so many. As the lockdown slowly lifts I will continue to cherish my little corner and reflect on how lucky I am to have my quiet but not so silent space.