Join us and help more people to enjoy peaceful time in green places

Choose the best place for your Silent Space and get in touch

Think about the best place for your Silent Space. Remember that the concept shouldn’t create expense for your park or garden, or additional work for the garden team. Do you have an area where people will safe but not claustrophobic? Is it biodiverse or does it have a good view?

Some of our silent spaces run in walled gardens, through woodland, or somewhere with an outstanding view. There are plenty of possibilities. We’re happy to talk them through.

Add details of Silent Space to your website

Think about the timing of your Silent Space. How many months would you like it to run? Feedback tells us that the most successful spaces run permanently but we understand that this might not work for your garden.

Any questions? Get in touch. When you have fine-tuned the details, add something to your website about your partnership with us.

Display signage at the entrance to your Silent Space

Gardens place signage at the entrance to their Silent Space. It invites visitors, staff, and volunteers to enjoy some time of quiet reflection and to respect others who are doing the same. As we are a registered charity, signage also includes the Silent Space website address.  This ensures that visitors know they are taking part in a nation-wide concept.

Thank you for understanding that if working with us, you must respect and maintain the intention, integrity, and simplicity of our Charity’s aims.