Join us and help more people to enjoy peaceful time in green places

  • Choose the best place for your Silent Space and get in touch

    Think about the best place for your Silent Space. Remember that the project shouldn’t create expense for your park or garden, or additional work for the garden team. Do you have an area that offers a sense of escape but where visitors will also feel safe?

    Our current Silent Spaces include spaces such as: a walled garden, a small woodland, an island, a formal garden surrounded by high hedges. There are plenty of other possibilities. We’re happy to talk them through.


  • Add details of Silent Space to your website

    Think about the timing of your Silent Space.  How many months would you like it to run? Which day would best suit your park or garden?  For how many hours will your Silent Space operate?

    When you’ve fine-tuned the details, let us know and then add them to the Events section of your website. Any questions? Get in touch.

  • Display a black board at the entrance to your Silent Space

    Gardens place a blackboard at the entrance to their Silent Space. It tells visitors when the Silent Space will be in operation.  It asks them to switch off their phones and cameras while they are in the area so that they can enjoy a time of quiet reflection.


    And finally – thank you for understanding that in order to take part, your park, garden or green place must respect and maintain the intention, integrity and simplicity of the project.


Email us to register your interest