Snowshill Manor and Garden Gloucestershire

The Garden

Charles Wade wrote of a garden, ‘Tis man’s rest, children’s fairyland, bird’s orchestra, butterfly’s banquet’.  When he first bought Snowshill in 1919, the garden was little more than an overgrown farmyard, criss-crossed with springs feeding what he described as a ‘treacherous swampy morass’.  Working with the prominent architect Baillie Scott, he set about designing a garden which, like the house, reflected the values of the Arts and Crafts movement. A series of outdoor rooms, or courts as he called them, were created.  In each he included contrasts that would provide variety and balance, formal and informal,’ sunny ones contrasting with shady ones and different courts for varying moods.  Visitors today can enjoy the ‘enticing vistas with a hint of something beyond’ and a garden filled with ‘…delights that will fetch the day about from sun to sun’.

The Silent Space

Time spent in the garden at Snowshill is time away from the bustle of everyday life.  An opportunity to explore a unique and intimate garden with quiet corners and far reaching views.  Ian’s Bench was made by a volunteer and is tucked away above the magical model village of Wolf’s Cove.  It offers a peaceful space for quiet reflection.  Take some time for yourself, rest for a while, or open the box which sits on the bench and indulge in a little creativity.



Images © National Trust Images/Kate Groome

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