Dunedin Botanic Garden New Zealand

The Garden

Dunedin Botanic Garden is one of the southernmost botanic gardens in the world.  On the east coast of New Zealand, it can experience any weather, from Antarctic chills to heat waves from Australia. Most of the time, it has a mild, temperate climate.  Funded by ratepayers, access is free of charge.

The Silent Space

Silent Spaces Trail

Dunedin Botanic Garden is the first garden in the Southern Hemisphere to join Silent Space.  Rather than reserving one or two areas for silent visiting, it has chosen to create a whole trail. Visitors are invited to travel silently from spot to spot, enjoying the sounds around them as they walk.  Seven special spots on a gentle hillside, range from lawns with seats to semi-wilderness areas amongst trees.  All are linked by a loop walk, taking visitors past cultivated beds, clearings with views, and through peaceful native forest.

Images © Clare Fraser