Stone Lane Gardens Devon

The Garden

Famous for its National Collection of Birch and Alder trees, Stone Lane Gardens is a spectacular five-acre woodland water garden on the edge of Dartmoor.

Over 40 years ago, Kenneth Ashburner and his wife June began a garden here.  It began life as a space for Kenneth to start planting the birch and alder trees grown from seed collected on his plant-hunting travels, together with trees given to him by other collectors.  As the collection outgrew his nursery, so the artfully planned garden we see today was created.

June, an artist, could see the potential of the garden as an inspirational setting for outdoor art.  In time, Stone Lane Garden’s annual Mythic Garden Sculpture exhibition was born.

Since the deaths of Kenneth and June Ashburner, the garden, nursery and the sculpture exhibition continue to be run by its enthusiastic Trustees. Stone Lane Gardens is a charitable company (No. 1141252).

The Silent Space

Wander down through the trees, around the ponds and across the streams to the point, just beyond the lower side of the bottom pond, where the garden meets the fields.  Here you will find a wooden bench in a small clearing where you can enjoy Stone Lane Garden’s Silent Space.


Image © Stone Lane Gardens

For opening times please see the Garden's website.