Dilston Physic Garden Northumberland

The Garden

Dilston Physic Garden, Nr Corbridge, Northumberland is nestled on the banks of a winding river.  It is steeped in the history and folklore of medicinal plants, but also in the modern science of the ways in which they work as medicines today.

The Garden’s mission is to educate and to research.  It embraces the importance of medicinal plants, natural organic growing methods and the benefits of being in a tranquil outdoor space.

The Silent Space

The woodland area at Dilston Physic Garden provides two sheltered seats tucked away under a silver birch tree, just to the side of our 100 willow coppice.  This Silent Space creates an oasis of tranquility, whether for contemplation or simply taking time to closely observe the woodland trees and ferns.

The space also includes an area of rotting wood for insects and rich fungal growth.  Particularly apt, is a collection of plants shown in history and folklore to affect our dreams, including mugwort and vervain.  Perhaps allow your mind to wander and contemplate dreams and dreaming.

Image © Terence Walsh

For opening times please see the Garden's website.