Another lockdown approaches. This time, I’m not ill and I’m not in isolation. That’s two positives. Nevertheless, as the days shorten there’s something daunting about the prospect. How can I make sure I’m nurtured and supported by peaceful time in green places this winter?

There’s my allotment of course, but I’ll be relying on that for socially distanced chat with fellow plot holders. We’re used to leaning on our spades and communicating with far more than two metres between us.

I’m lucky to have a small garden where winter salad is already boosting my vitamin intake. It’s a great little space for pottering, but now that the leaves have dropped from the trees it’s overlooked by neighbouring three-storey townhouses. There won’t be any real sense of sanctuary until Spring.

I suspect I’ll go to the riverbank. Perhaps take a longer break than usual in the middle of the day. Even when the skies are grey, the reflected light from the water lifts my mood. I’ll head for my favourite tree – a tree I’ve felt drawn to in good times and bad. With my back to its trunk, I’ll catch the warmth of any low winter sun and remind myself that it’s only a few short weeks before the days begin to get longer again.