Manor House Suffolk

The Garden

Manor House and its gardens sit in the northern tip of what was once an enclosed medieval green.  When the present owners moved here in 2015, the outside space was not so much a blank canvas  – more a wilderness. While an old orchard had perished, 150 foot Leylandii flourished.

Through perseverance, thoughtful design, planting and maintenance, the site has become a garden once more.  Beautiful mature trees that were hidden are now revealed.  A meadow, woodland and borders are developing – together with a few quirky touches.

The Silent Space

At the very start of tree surgery, when stumps and logs littered the ground, the owners noticed that beneath one of the remaining English oaks, the air was still, calm and …. quiet.  This realisation led them to use the logs to create a natural boundary for a ‘Silent Space’.  The surrounding planting enhances the tranquility and sounds of nature to be found here.  It’s a haven for frogs, toads, hedgehogs, shrew, butterflies, insects and birds who all share this quiet space – and seem happy for us to join them.

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