Hinton Ampner Hampshire

The Garden

Ralph Dutton created a rural idyll at Hinton Ampner, Hampshire.  He hoped that its comfortable rooms and picture-perfect garden would bring peace and tranquility to all those who visited.

In a society that never stops, it can be hard to pause, switch off and simply take in in your surroundings.  NT Hinton Ampner is working with Silent Space to revisit Ralph’s vision in the gardens.

The Silent Space

Relish the peace and quiet as you take a silent stroll through the Long Walk, or discover our hidden gem, the Dell. This tucked away ‘secret garden’ is the ideal space for quiet contemplation.  Take five minutes to stop and simply sit or stand quietly in the Dell.  Experience the tranquility of the garden as envisaged by Ralph Dutton over 50 years ago.



Image © National Trust/Andrew Butler

Image © National Trust/Lily Isherwood

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