Greys Court Oxfordshire

The Garden

The beautiful house and peaceful estate of Greys Court sit within the gentle Chiltern hills in South Oxfordshire.  The property was given to the National Trust by Sir Felix and Lady Elizabeth Brunner in the late 1960s.

Its picturesque 16th-century mansion and tranquil gardens were home to the Brunner family until recent years.  The house continues to exude a welcoming family atmosphere with a well-stocked kitchen and homely living rooms.  The series of walled gardens provides a colourful patchwork of interest set amid medieval ruins.

The Silent Space

Greys Court is a particularly fitting setting for a Silent Space.  Lady Brunner’s intention was to ‘create a haven of peace and quietness’ where people could rest, ‘away from the pressures of present-day living’.

Greys Court has chosen the Tower Garden as the venue for its Silent Space.  Steeped in history, it has an air of peace and tranquility that readily promotes quiet contemplation. Its central, heart-shaped pond is home to several species of wildlife that prefer not to be disturbed.  They will be thankful for your silent visiting. Take five minutes from your busy weekend and savour the beauty as Lady Brunner might have wished.

For opening times please check the Garden's website.