In the summer of 2016, we followed the example of Nature Sacred in the United States and attached a notebook and pen to a bench in a Silent Space.  We wanted visitors to tell us something that would help the development of the project.  We hadn’t expected beautiful sketches and poems, or the enormous sense of gratitude visitors expressed through their comments.  Here is a small selection…


‘An hour of peace and calm.  Thank you.’

‘ A beautiful day to experience the stillness of this garden.’

‘Quiet reflection on the beauty of Nature.’

‘ I love the peace and stillness here.  Allows time to reflect and disconnect.’

‘You are always here.  It is always now.’

A green thought in a green shade..’

‘I feel at one with the garden…’

‘Silence is golden! A cliche but true.  Thank you.’

‘It’s so nice to take the chance to see myself in Nature. Thank you.’

‘Thank you all throughout the year who have brought so much pleasure here.’

‘Beautiful bliss.  Thank you.’

‘My favourite place in these gardens – always a refuge on a busy day.’

I’ve abandoned everyone I came with, but I simply do not want to leave this relaxing garden. Blissful!’