Cliveden Buckinghamshihre

The Garden

Cliveden was built in 1666 for George Villiers, 2nd Duke of Buckingham.  Since then, six powerful families have called this estate their home.  The house has seen two devastating fires, only to be rebuilt from the ashes twice.  It is perhaps, the ultimate survivor.

It sits in a commanding position, high above the River Thames, not far from Maidenhead.  The rich history of the house (now a hotel) is reflected in the variety of its gardens.

Every garden on the Cliveden estate has its own unique atmosphere.  Enjoy the dramatic Parterre or the tranquility of the Water Garden.  Or perhaps explore the Round Garden  – a highly unusual circular fruit orchard which is undergoing restoration.  Beyond the many gardens there are also acres of woodland and footpaths to explore.

The Silent Space

The reinstated Rose Garden at Cliveden was a very fitting place for a Silent Space in June.  In 1959, Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe was commissioned to create a new garden on this part of the estate.  His solution was a hidden rose garden where Lord Astor and his family could retreat from their busy lives.  Until 2013 it was known as The Secret Garden.  In 2014, after renovation and replanting with over 900 roses, it was renamed The Rose Garden. The sense of a peaceful retreat remains.

Silent Space will return to Cliveden’s Long Garden during September.

Image © NT Cliveden

For opening times please check the garden's website.